On this episode we answer:
* What is a debt to income ratio? (Actor Jachriz Siggers - www.instagram.com/jachriz_siggers)
* Where is the best place to find a rental? (Robyn Esther Malone - www.facebook.com/robynesther.malone.1)
* How do I get into the real estate photography business? (TheThingy -- www.reddit.com/r/RealEstate/comments/570s0g/question_from_an_aspiring_real_estate_photographer)
* How does the election affect home prices? 😬 (Patricia Lynn Fitzgerald -- https://www.facebook.com/plfitzgerald)

**Real Estate Photogs

* Scott Hargis -- https://vimeo.com/27731420
* Rich Baum - https://www.youtube.com/user/proparooman