Where to start investing & 3 other fantastic questions!

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🍾📺On episode 4 of season 2 we talk a lot about investing! Investing time and investing money!! Our guest host is Brad Fugere with FLUX Creative (who also happens to help us make this show possible).

🐺Erica Gouldy Wolfe with BWG Realty - "Do you have a team? If so how many people & what roles?"

👑Matt King asked - "What's the best way to evaluate an investment property?"

💬hintze510 has a question we summarized from Reddit - "I'm 20, going to school for education and want to invest in real estate ASAP but have no idea where to start. Where/how should I gain information and skills on how to renovate a house?"

And we will answer a question on the fly from Brad!

If you have a question, send us a message or ask it on social with the hashtag #REALQA and we may add it to an upcoming show!