Learn how to use a "human based algorithm" to create unbreakable passwords!

The two most common complaints about passwords are:

  1. They are ALL "too hard to remember"
  2. There are "too many to remember!"

Most of the time that prevents the average person from coming up with a good secure password and they wind up using "password123" or something just as bad.

I thought mine was secure, but someone in china figured it out years ago and spammed my friends with a "link". That's what got me thinking. ...

WWDC 2015: Reaction

WWDC 2015: Reaction

Apple: And now ... One more thing ...
Me: I am here, take all of my money for the new thing.
Apple: Apple Music! This is a new shiny thing!!
Me: That was already a thing you can get anywhere. What's so new about that thing?
Apple: [Insert record label commercials] 
Me: This new thing looks just the same. What is so new about this thing?
Apple: 24/7 Radio station! There will be a radio station on it!
Me: Radio? With commercials and sounders and everything?
Apple: YEP! And they will pick "great" songs, not based on an algorithm.
Me: I listen to MP3s so I don't hear commercials... and what if I don't like what they pick?
Apple: You will! At $9.99/mo it is going to be popular and you get a 3 month free trial!!
Me:  What happened to you? 
Apple: You are going to love it.
Me: Awe man.  : (

In short, I was unimpressed and as an Apple Fan Boy, that in it self is really disappointing. However, there were some good things. See my reaction below.

The DJI Inspire One is the coolest drone I've ever seen | The Verge

It's REALLY exciting to think about what professional photography drones like this can do for the Real Estate industry! It is coming soon!! Get ready!

Watch the video below from The Verge. What are your thoughts and feelings about drones and this type of technology? Are you concerned about privacy from private/corporate drone photographers? Would you want an ariel photos and videos of your home to help market and sell? If you are looking to buy a home, would this type of photography be attractive to you? Would it help you make a decision to buy or not?