Fitness Foray: Getting Started - Nutrition

If you missed the first post in the "Fitness Foray" series, check it out here.

The Foray

I like to look at some challenges in life through the lens of a battle or fight (something I understand a great deal about after being in martial arts for so long). A "foray" is a "sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something; a raid". This is a perfect description of the journey that I am about to embark on to obtain a healthier me. As someone who has never been in "peak" physical condition, who has never seen all 6+ abs, and who has always had a hard time buying clothes, the discipline/consistency in the "health & fitness" culture has always been enemy territory.

As one strategizes a plan of attack, you closely observe the enemy and look for small footholds that can provide you with an advantage. Through the process of researching your foe, you must continue to train so you are ready when the time is right to implement the plan and move forward with your attack.

Getting Started - Nutrition


Keeping Promises

I made a few promises to some friends years ago. A buddy of mine has lost 35 lbs using "Body by Vi" products and he is a promotor for them. Several years ago, I promised him that if I ever decided to get healthy, I would look into what they have and would give it a try.

Another friend approached me with "AdvoCare". He wasn't in bad shape, but he shaped up quick. I have seen other friends try it and they lost good amounts of weight as well.

The initial nutrition plan is to give "Body by Vi" a serious try "by the book". Then, regardless of results, I will switch to AdvoCare and try the 24 day challenge and a longer program following that.

This is the training in preparation for the longer term nutritional solution called "eating healthy".   Using these two systems that have everything laid out for me will give me time to research the long term diet/nutrition plan.

I am researching several options from whole unprocessed foods to old school "doctor recommended" pyramids. What long term nutritional plans have you tried, stuck with, and liked?