THANK YOU - Signed "Award Winning" Realtor® ...

THANK YOU - Signed "Award Winning" Realtor® ...

Ha! Last night was the Realtor Awards of Distinction shindig held to honor those who have preformed well in our industry and market. It was really an honor for me. 2014 was our first full calendar year and I am proud and excited to have finished at "Gold Level" for the year. I say "we" because Katie, my wife, has been incredibly supportive and a champion for the cause.

The Property Group

I am so excited to announce that I have joined "The Property Group"! They are a new, tech forward, progressive real estate company with roots from some of the oldest and most established brokerages in town. The Property Group has gained national attention as they were mentioned by Inman News as one of the best up and coming brokerages to watch and were a finalist for the Incubator Award in 2013.

Hello Interwebs!

To all named "Ray Ellen":

First off, I want to think all of the other Ray Ellen’s in the world for freeing up this domain. I’d like to connect with you! Shoot me an email or connect with me on twitter. I am planning something special for us!!
You have no idea how awesome it is to have [yourname].com until you CAN’T get it … for years, so thank you!

To the rest of you not named Ray Ellen: