THANK YOU - Signed "Award Winning" Realtor® ...

So, I won an award.

Ha! Last night was the Realtor Awards of Distinction shindig held to honor those who have preformed well in our industry and market. It was really an honor for me. 2014 was our first full calendar year and I am proud and excited to have finished at "Gold Level" for the year. I say "we" because Katie, my wife, has been incredibly supportive and a champion for the cause.

My goal last year was to sell 30+ units and $5,000,000 in total volume. We hit our unit goal of 30, but were just shy of the $5,000,000 mark by about $400,000 (which would have put us in Platinum)! Shoot! Well, we will celebrate anyway!!!

I really wanted to THANK YOU for supporting me and my family!

When someone calls and says, "A friend of mine told me that you could help us sell the house..." or "I hear you can help us find our home..." my heart jumps with excitement.  I can't communicate how deeply that affects me (and Katie). It is wonderful to know that YOU, someone whom I have served or am friends with, has trusted me enough to send your family, friends, or co-workers my way. It is extremely special to the both of us. While I worked very hard to achieve this level of success, I wanted YOU to know that I recognize that I owe a lot to you! ALL of you who have supported us and lifted us up; this award is yours too!

AND we are not slowing down!

In 2015, our volume goal is $7,000,000 [with a stretch goal of $10,000,000 if I hit $7,000,000 early]. This makes our unit goal 40 to 60 houses. We are about 14% of the way on both units and volume and 21% through the year, so we have a little catchup to do after the winter weather!

Thank you for your support in 2014 and thank you for your continued support in 2015! We are looking forward to serving you and your friends and family!


Ray Ellen
Your "Award Winning" Realtor® (and his wife)