How we use SLACK to serve YOU!

It's no secret, I love technology! Especially Real Estate Tech! My team and The Property Group are clearly on the forefront using the latest tools to better serve our customers and create a better life for our clients and our own families! We have added SLACK to our tool belt. Check out the video below.

We may be the first in our industry in this area to use SLACK for our Real Estate Business. What is it you ask? Think about "chatting in context". For instance, you receive hundreds of emails and text messages a day at just about any workplace. Imagine that you could store all of the emails, text messages, files, etc pertaining to "closing transactions" in a specific thread and share that thread with other team members who need to know (such as the closing coordinator). Or keep all emails, conversations, tasks, and documents associated with listings in a #listings chat context so our listing manager knows where to send the photographer next and who is ready to "Go Live" and who needs to be updated on showings for their home.

We use dozens of other context: #listings, #buyers, #under-contract, and specific clients, large projects, and more.  Our brokerage is also using this tool to share what our buyers are looking for and what listings are up and coming. This helps us to reduce the time checking our email, responding to team members, sending multiple copies of files around the office and allows us to quickly, efficiently know where we are in various projects and how to serve our clients. This allows us to anticipate our clients needs and meet them before they "feel" them.

If you are thinking about making a move in the near future, ask your real estate agent how they communicate with their team and their office. Communication is a KEY to providing the highest customer service and support. 

If you are a member of a team, in ANY industry, I implore you to check out SLACK! You won't be disappointed! 

If you are using SLACK now, I would love to hear how you are using it and cool integrations you have found that are helping your team preform at a higher level.