How "like & share" can change a life.

When you see one of my many "Real Estate" related posts (homes for sale or needing a home for a buyer) on facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc and you click the "like & share" buttons, you might actually change someone's life!

Recently, we have had several homes sell and several buyers find homes to buy because someone shared the post with their friends on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Think about that for a second. All because you took the time to "like & share" a post to your facebook page, a family was able to find the perfect home for them and another family was able to sell and move on to pursue their dreams. That's amazing and HUGE! It's so neat for me on this side of the transaction to see how things like that can make both parties come together to make a transaction possible. 

So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking an interest in the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, and my clients! THANK YOU for helping them find the perfect home or enabling them to move for their job or family. It means a lot to me and I know it does to them.

Because of YOU, someone found HOME.