"What is in a Name?" | Home Showing Nicknames

When I show homes, I ask the buyers to come up with nicknames for the properties based on something they easily remember about the properties. When you see a lot of homes in a row, it is hard to keep them straight in your mind. It also adds some fun to the process. Here are the nicknames form some of the showings this weekend!

  • Flower Pot
  • Squeaky
  • NO!
  • Dated
  • Deco
  • Wavy Floor
  • Too Much
  • Free Cookies
  • Can't Get In
  • Foundation Report
  • Finished
  • Lotta Lot
  • Smelly
  • Dream Bath / Frozen Fountain
  • Adorable
  • Lumpy Christmas Tree
  • Creepy Crawl Space

The top five from this batch are:

  1. Finished
  2. Lotta Lot
  3. Dream Bath / Frozen Fountain
  4. Smelly
  5. Adorable

Sellers and Home Owners, this list will give you some insight into what clients notice and remember about a property. Some are silly, some are unflattering, and some are positive. Even though the nickname may be expressly negative, some buyers still consider to purchase because they know that every home is going to have something that they don't like and something they will have to change, and they buy because the few things that they really love. As friend and fellow Realtor Becky Tanner says, "Every home has a wrinkle, a pimple, and a smile..."  Buyers buy because of the smile.

Take a look around your home. What would you "nickname" your home if you were a buyer, seeing it for the first time?

Thanks to Jessica Johnston-Myers who gave me this idea early in my career. It has saved me and my clients a lot of time and mental anguish.