Hello Interwebs!

To all named "Ray Ellen":

First off, I want to think all of the other Ray Ellen’s in the world for freeing up this domain. I’d like to connect with you! Shoot me an email or connect with me on twitter. I am planning something special for us!!
You have no idea how awesome it is to have [yourname].com until you CAN’T get it … for years, so thank you!

To the rest of you not named Ray Ellen:

I am a Realtor and I write, teach and occasionally speak about stuff. This website will be a collection of those articles, columns, videos, & talks as I capture them. 

My professional expertise is in real estate. I fully recognize that I am a consulting/counseling and media company with a real estate emphasis. I am passionate about real estate and helping people cash out on their investment or find the property that fits their family!

Outside the industry I work with companies to implement systems, streamline processes, and improve branding. I am proud to have been a small part of 3 companies that have recently launched successfully!

If you have any questions, connect with me!